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Dental implants

Dental implants are the most elegant and comfortable means of providing stable support for tooth replacement solutions such as single dental crowns, bridges, or prostheses. For fixed or removable dentures, we use a system that is a leading implant system throughout the world.

Titanium implants

Titanium implants are the gold standard in implantology. They have proven their worth in clinical use and provide excellent prosthetic rehabilitation in various situations. At our medical office we use only one type of titanium implant: that of Straumann Company with an SLActive surface.

Ceramic implants

Ceramic implants are the alternative to titanium implants when the patient wishes to have a non-metallic implant. They have outstanding aesthetic properties and even allow attractive aesthetic rehabilitation in patients with thin gums or a high laugh line. The only ceramic implants we use at our medical office are those of the SDS Swiss Dental Solutions Company.

Immediate implants

Immediate implants are inserted directly into the existing tooth socket after extraction or loss of a tooth. In combination with immediate provisional crown restoration, the immediate implant provides the best possible aesthetic preservation of soft tissue. A healthy and inflammation-free tissue structure and adequate bone are prerequisites for this procedure.

Jaw augumentation

When there is too little bone for a dental implant, bone augmentation can be performed by using the patient’s own bone or in combination with bone substitute material.


The appropriate type of anesthesia for you will be discussed in detail. A large number of operations can be performed in local anesthesia. In cases of more complex or longer operations we recommend general anesthesia and one-day surgery. The current methods of anesthesia are extremely safe and very well tolerated.


Complications are extremely rare in persons in good general health, who adhere to the recommended postoperative measures. However, complications can never be entirely ruled out. Every operation goes hand in hand with certain risks, such as drug intolerance, hematoma, inflammation, impaired wound healing, or sensitivity disorders. Even an experienced surgeon cannot predict these in advance or avoid them in all cases. Therefore, before an operation you will be informed about all potential risks.


Piezosurgery or ultrasonic surgery is a highly modern ultrasound-based piezoelectric procedure. The special surgical feature of this procedure is targeted exposure of bone while protecting the adjoining soft tissue. Thus, the risk of injury to critical anatomical structures such as blood vessels and nerves is minimized. Ultrasound surgery is used at our medical office primarily for bone harvesting, surgical tooth extraction, sinus lift, and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

2D/3D X-ray – CBCT

At our medical office we use Orthophos SL 3D, which provides digital two-dimensional and three-dimensional X-ray images. 2D X-ray is the standard diagnostic procedure and still is an important basic procedure for the evaluation of teeth and jaws. 3D X-ray – CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a highly modern and efficient imaging procedure used in dental medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and ENT medicine. Based on this three-dimensional imaging procedure, we are able to offer our patients a very high level of safety in terms of diagnosis and treatment. The selection of a specific imaging procedure depends on the individual situation of each patient.