Photo face of a woman

Skin tumors

Surgical interventions for the removal of benign or malignant skin tumors are performed on the face and the hairy part of the head.

To keep scars on the face as inconspicuous as possible, skin tension lines as well as the regional units of the face are taken into account when planning and performing plastic surgery in this region.


The appropriate type of anesthesia for you will be discussed in detail. A large number of operations can be performed in local anesthesia. In cases of more complex or longer operations we recommend general anesthesia and one-day surgery. The current methods of anesthesia are extremely safe and very well tolerated.


Complications are extremely rare in persons in good general health, who adhere to the recommended postoperative measures. However, complications can never be entirely ruled out. Every operation goes hand in hand with certain risks, such as drug intolerance, hematoma, inflammation, impaired wound healing, or sensitivity disorders. Even an experienced surgeon cannot predict these in advance or avoid them in all cases. Therefore, before an operation you will be informed about all potential risks.